About the author

Dominique was a preschool and elementary school teacher and owner of a subsidized daycare center with a specialized theater program for oven twenty years. She has always worked with children.

Mother of three children and grandmother to a beautiful group of grandchildren, Dominique has been experiencing the incredible Journey of the Return to Essence since 2013. Though this journey of returning to the heart, assisted by Sylvie Olivier and Bernard Thérien of Golden Heart Wisdom,* she had the joy of discovery the 9 Qualities of the Plenitude Effect, which she nourishes daily.

In 2020, she was inspired to illustrate these Qualities of the Heart in the form of sketches to be shared with her grandchildren. From these delightful little sketches, Nadia Berghella's talented hands created these beautiful characters, which have been inspiring children and adults alike ever since.




...the wonderful Return to the Heart!